World Symposium
on Choral Music

Istanbul, Turkey 25-30 April 2023

Welcome to WSCM Istanbul 2023CHANGING HORIZONS!
From 25-30th April 2023, Istanbul will be host to one of the biggest events of the International Federation for Choral Music, held with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The theme for this event is Changing Horizons and aims to attract representation from all regions in the world, including as many styles and traditions of ensemble singing as possible, in order to honour and celebrate the human practice of singing together. The symposium will explore the current world of choir music and how singing together could look like in the near and far future. What better place to hold this exciting event than Istanbul, the only transcontinental city in the world? The event promotes artistic excellence, cooperation and exchange, by bringing together the finest choirs and choral leaders for performances, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and choral reading sessions. Join us in Istanbul for this amazing programme!
Passive Participation in Conducting Masterclass
To be a passive participant in the masterclass that will take place on April 23-27, you can contact [email protected]
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Atatürk Cultural Centre


AKM, the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Istanbul, will be our main campus for WSCM2023. It is a newly opened, multipurpose arts centre with a 2040-seat high tech Opera House, a 781-seat Theatre Hall, a 410m2 Gallery, and many Multi-Purpose Halls. Inside, you will also find a large selection of cafes and restaurants, together with a book shop, library and arts shop. Its impressive rebuilt architecture pays homage to its much beloved predecessor in the exact same location, which has always been the cultural heart of the city. Another convenience is the city’s most connected metro station right on our doorstep. Throughout the year, with its great acoustics and attractive event spaces, it is the home of the city’s opera and ballet, also presenting touring prominent artists from home and abroad. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is hosting WSCM2023 in this amazing venue, and we are excited to be planning the symposium concerts, classes and the Expo based in this location. In addition, we will be using historic performance spaces such as churches and theatres, and purpose built modern arts centres all dotted along Istiklal Caddesi, the street leading from the AKM to historic Galata Tower. These spaces will provide colourful extensions to our core programme, for a large part of the masterclasses, sessions and afternoon concerts. Not to mention that the street is one of the most entertaining and delicious streets in Istanbul, with an endless selection of shops, cafés, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.
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Atatürk Cultural Centre